Amber Yule Akita Inu

National dog show in Valmiera

Last weekend on February 20th and 21st our cattery participated in two dog shows- National Dog Show “VALMIERA`S WINNER 2016” (CAC) and National Dog Show “VALMIERA`S CUP 2016” (CAC).

From both shows we returned with great results:


Amber Yule Katsu, junior male. Exc. , PP, 2nd place both days;

Amber Yule Kazuki, junior male. Exc, PP, Best junior, Valmieras Winner;

Megapolis Style Yogi Tarou, Champion male, Exc., CQ, Best male both days!!! First day BOO, Second day - BOB.



Amber Yule Kiku, junior female, Exc, PP, Best junior, Valmieras Winner!!! JCAC both days;

Amber Yule Hasu Go, intermediate femele, CQ, Best female, BOB, Valmiera Winner (first day). CQ, Best female 2nd, CAC, she is LV CH now.(second day);

Densetsu Yuleyogi, champion female, CQ, Best female 2nd (first day). Exc., CQ, Best female, BOO.


Couple: Megapolis Style Yogi Tarou and Densetsu Yuleyogi
First day - 4 th place, second day - 3rd place!


Amber Yule - 4 place!

We are tired but very happy! :)